Anonymous asked: Oh my god u have to do something with the Au nemi are superheroes! That be epic.

Haha I probably won’t, but I’m glad you enjoyed it :]

Demi Lovato talking about a possible side project with Nick Jonas +

AU Meme: Nick and Demi are superheroes that protect New York City and get on each other’s nerves.

"A thank you would be nice."
"Thanks for what?"
"For saving your ass while you were unconscious!"
"I like to call it an unplanned nap."
"Well, whatever it was, you’re welcome, Jonas."

Nick and Demi + Live Performances

"For instance, recently me and a friend of mine, he was in town and said ‘Hey why don’t you come to the studio? Are you free tomorrow?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So, I went in the studio with him and we wrote a song, and I think it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written to date. It was with Nick Jonas. We wrote it in like a hour, two hour time period and recorded it as well. It was like a one take thing."

—Demi Lovato talking about the song she wrote with Nick Jonas (via fuckyeahnickanddemi)

Anonymous asked: can you please expand the nemi au titanic and turn into a OS? pleeeease :)

If I can come up with a good idea than maybe :]

AU Meme: While on board the ill-fated RMS Titanic, violinist Nick Jonas and first class passenger Demi Lovato meet and fall in love.

"Demi, just please get in the lifeboat." Nick pleads over the roar of the panicking crowd.
"Not without you." Demi insists.
"I can’t leave the rest of the band behind, Demi. I have to go play with them." Nick gestures for the officer to get Demi into the lifeboat and the crew member complies. Nick walks over to the edge and takes Demi’s hands in his. "Just know that everything I play, I’m playing for you."
"Just play me something in New York."
Nick responds by placing his lips on hers because, deep down, he knows he won’t be making it to New York.

"It’s definitely possible [I’ll sing new music on my new tour]. I’ve been working on a side project with a friend of mine and I think it would be really awesome if we got to perform that song together so um, you never know."

—Demi (via fuckyeahnickanddemi)


I know demi’s team got HQ pics and videos of her and nick performing I’m just asking that all of it be released please and thank you


I’m still not over the way nick and demi looked at each other at the jonas brothers movie premiere in 2009 tbh