Demi laughed. “Did you really just take a picture of yourself with that sign?”

Nick smiled as he looked down at his phone to add the right filter he wanted on Instagram. “Come on, it’s tradition! I took one with you and Joe back when we first came here.” He recalled. He set his phone down after he sent the picture to Twitter. 

"You’re the farthest thing from a hippie though." She stated as a joke.

Laughing, Nick nodded his head. “You have a point.”

Silence fell between them as they got back to work. Nick was working on the soundboard while Demi had a notepad in her lap. She was hard at work on her fourth studio album and had asked Nick to help her. He was producing some beats while she thought of some lyrics to write.

Stuck in writer’s block, Demi grabbed her phone and opened her Twitter app. She smiled when she saw Nick’s tweet with the link to the picture. She clicked it and was instantly taken to the photo. She read some of the comments and shook her head at how loving and crazy his fans were. “You can really see your mustache in here.” She pointed out.

Nick looked over at her. “What?” He had been so caught up in working on the melody that he didn’t hear her question.

"In the picture you just took. It really brings out your mustache."

Nick chuckled. “Does it make me look more hippieish?” He jokingly asked.

Demi laughed. “If you grew your hair out, then maybe.” She remarked.

"You’re always hating, Dems." Nick shook his head and turned his attention back to the soundboard.

Demi smiled as she watched him hard at work. He was always so into music and it was one of the things that Demi loved about him. Nothing else seemed to matter when he was creating music. That’s why she asked him to help her out with this CD, especially since she didn’t have him help with Unbroken when he had worked on her other two. And, spending some more time with him was also a plus.

"Hey, Nick."

"Yeah?" He didn’t look at her, but she knew he was listening.

"Thanks…for helping out the record and everything."

Nick looked over at her and gave her one of his teeth smiles. She was one of few who ever received them. “No problem. You know I’m always here for you Demi.” And he meant it.

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