Did that really just happen? Did Demi really flirt back when Nick flirted with her? He couldn’t keep the smile off of his face and he didn’t care. Cameras were flashing anyway, so why not capture his smile while it’s around for a bit? It only really comes out when he’s with Demi anyway.

After taking a million pictures, the Jonas Brothers, their family, Demi, and everyone else filled the theater to watch the premiere of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience. To make Nick’s day go even better, Demi sits next to him.

Nick doesn’t even remember watching the movie. He and Demi were giving their own commentary and trying not to burst out into laughter throughout the entire thing.

Soon, Demi’s on screen with them performing This Is Me. Nick can’t help but watch that girl up there and then look at the woman next to him. It’s not even been a year since they filmed it and Demi’s already changed her look. Instead of brown hair, it’s black, and she has grown out her bangs. Nick can’t help but think that she’s gorgeous no matter what.

That’s when he realizes that he’s in love with her.

They’ve stopped with their commentary and are actually watching the movie when Nick leans over and whispers in her ear, “You look amazing tonight by the way.”

Demi blushes at his compliment and gives him a quiet thanks.

And, since Nick is having the best day ever, he decides to try his luck one more time. His hand slowly inches toward hers on the arm rest and soon his fingers are intertwined with hers. She doesn’t object and Nick even thinks he sees the corners of her mouth turning into a smile, which makes him smile as well.

In the dark of the movie theater, Nick and Demi kept their hands together for the rest of the movie without anyone knowing. And for a moment, they felt like normal teenagers.

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