"Wow, this thing is huge!" Demi observed as some Auther Ashe people handed her and the Jonas Brothers an oversized tennis ball.

"That’s what she said." Joe joked, getting a laugh out of his brothers and his ex-girlfriend.

"Wow, I set myself up for that one." Demi commented. She still had a smile on her face from laughing.

Nick gazed at that brilliant smile of hers that he loved so much. It was rare to see a genuine smile like that from her these days.

Nick knew that Demi was hurting. She’d always had this secret pain since he’d first met her, but now that her and Joe had publicly dated and ended things and he had brought Ashley on tour Nick could see that it was getting harder for her to hide it. That’s why he always tried to be there for her in these past few months.

And, if he was being completely honest, he had started to develop a tiny crush on her.

Okay, he was pretty much in love with the girl.

"Yeah, you pretty much did." He replied. All four of them laughed again. "Here, I don’t know if you’re able to handle such a big balls." Nick joked.

He heard his brothers laugh at his joke as he reached for the ball, but once his hands touched the felt fabric along with Demi’s he seemed to be transported to another place in time.

Instead of looking at dozens of flashing cameras, he was looking just at one camera. And it wasn’t a fancy camera either that professionals used. It was just a regular digital camera. Nick was really freaked out right now.

The person who took the picture lowered the camera and Nick saw that it was Demi. She looked at him, smiled as she walked over to him, and then planted a small kiss on his lips.

If this was a dream, no one better wake Nick up.

"Isn’t he precious?" Demi asked him. She looked down and that’s when Nick realized he was holding something that wasn’t a giant tennis ball. In his hands was a blue blanket wrapped around a baby.

Why in the world was Nick holding a baby?

"Yeah, whose is he?" Nick asked.

Dream Demi laughed. “You can’t be that sleep deprived. I’ve had to get up more at night with him than you have.” She answered.

Hold up. Was this Nick and Demi’s baby? Nick quickly stole a glance at Demi’s left hand and saw a diamond ring. He immediately looked down at his own hand and found a silver and on his fourth finger.

"Yeah, our little one is a cutie." He took a closer look at his son. He could already tell that this little guy was going to have his fro and he recognized his thin lips. A smile came on his face when he noticed that familiar butt chin.

Demi’s hand slid over Nick’s shoulders and she sat on the arm of the chair. She looked at the baby just like Nick was. “Aaron Nicholas Jonas.” She whispered.

Nick laughed to himself. He obviously had chosen the name for the kid because Nick always wanted to name his son Aaron after Elvis Presley.

"He’s perfect." Nick said. Then, he looked up at his wife. "You’re perfect."

A smile spread across Demi’s face. Nick could see no more hidden hurt behind it and that made him smile back.

Demi opened her mouth to say something, but when her lips moved it wasn’t her voice that came out. It was Joe’s.

"Nick." Was all that Demi/Joe said.

Then, Nick was snapped back into reality. Those professional cameras were flashing away again and instead of a baby in his arms, Nick was holding that too big tennis ball.

"Nick, what’s up?" He heard Joe asked.

Nick shook his head and then looked at his brother. “Sorry, just got lost in thought I guess.”

The four of them continued taking pictures for a couple more minutes. Nick was able to glance over at Demi and saw that smile that was hiding so much. He couldn’t wait to see her smile the way he had seen in his day dream. He promised himself right then and there that he’d do whatever it took to make that happen.

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